Monogamous relationships are abnormal

 A lot of writers write because they are crazy.
A lot of crazies go crazy because they write.

Writing helps me keep the demons out. I don’t mean demons in terms of the bible. I mean demons in terms of the fucked people that live within us, who sometimes get out and like to destroy everything around us. We both have them. Those other personalities need to be controlled somehow.

I know that if I can just bide my time this situation will correct itself.  Unless V. stops drinking, the two of you are destined for some more havoc. Since I doubt that she is ready to stop drinking, there is going to be some “I’ll show you crazy” time in the future.

Remember, when that happens again, call me. Call me in the middle of the night. Call me at work. Don’t hurt yourself.

I do not really know how to handle all of this. Do you really want a divorce? You are telling me that you are doing it so that your girlfriend can stay in the USA. It is only temporary. Nobody needs to know. Divorce is just a piece of paper. Since we don’t believe that the government needs to be getting into the personal lives of others, the government and their involvement into ours lives should be taken with contempt.

Yet, V. thinks that you are going to be monogamous. That means that you are telling her that you want to divorce me because you do not love me “in that way”.  You probably tell her that I am your “bestfriend”. You are also most likely telling her that you love her and want to be with her. That must mean that she thinks the two of us are finished.

Which one of us is being used? Which one of us is being told a lie?

It would be easy for all parties involved to get along if V. wasn’t so anti-male. She doesn’t have to sleep with me. She only has to ignore the fact that you do. If she could do that, we could live in total harmony.  I really don’t care if you have sex with her or not. I like the stories of your naughtiness. I like it when you tell me all of the kinky things that you do with your female lover.

I guess that means that I am the sort of person who deserves to have all of these type of problems. I am mentally disturbed and I like being with the mentally disturbed.

Naturally, being mentally disturbed is a judgment based on the culture a person is in. In a world where monogamy was abnormal, these type of relationship problems would be quite common. Considering how many people get married and then have extra-marital lovers, monogamous relationships are really what is abnormal. Lying about the desires one has is what is wrong. Having desire is not.


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I thoroughly enjoy reading books. I am also listening to audio books regularly. I really like to listen to audiobooks in German. Since German is not my native language, audiobooks help me improve my German while doing other tasks (washing the dishes, walking the dog, vacuuming). Audiobooks save time and are fun too.

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