Some guy tried to rape my wife

I am not going to post much right now. I have to figure out my options.

I had a long conversation with my wife. Yes, the same woman asking to divorce me. She looked like she had been crying all night. She told me that somebody was going to rape her, but a friend showed up and saved her.

I am not sure what the whole story is yet. Apparently, my wife tried to get a job at a bar and grill. The owner told her that he interviews people by playing a game of pool with him. While waiting for the interview, she had a drink at the bar. Then, another. Eventually, she went into a back room with him where the pool tables were.

Here is where the story needs to be cleared up. She says she thinks something was added to her drink because she doesn’t remember everything that happened. She tried to leave, but the door was locked. The friend who saved her was beating on the door from the other side. The owner eventually let her leave.

Here’s how the friend came to be in the right place at the right time.

Apparently the friend was at the bar with my wife earlier in the evening. There were three people in total: a friend, an acquaintance and my wife. The friend had to go to work, the acquaintance was during her own thing and my wife was waiting for the interview at the bar. After an undetermined amount of time, the acquaintance called the friend and said my wife was acting strange, like she was drunk and to come get her. The friend left work and tried to find her at the bar. The bartender told the friend that my wife was in the back. She tried to get into the back room. but the door was locked. She beat on the door until my wife was let out.

Apparently the friend confronted the would-be rapist. He said, “She wanted it. She wanted it.”

Now, I am not sure how I am going to work the word banned into this post, but this guy needs to be taken care of. If he lured my wife into a “back room” under the pretense of offering her a job, then he has done this before. He has probably been successful at it.

That’s where the situation I am in now. What can I do? What do I do about any of this? I am 9,000 KM away. I can’t leave and go there. She won’t leave and come back. This fuck is going to get away with it. I have no evidence. Is it a crime to plot to rape somebody, but not actually do it? Is it a crime to be a sick fuck?

In any case, my suggestion is this. If you are a woman and you ever think that somebody has drugged you, go to the police or the hospital and have your blood taken and tested. That’s not word of mouth. That’s real evidence. Then the fucker can be dragged out into the streets and have his dick torn off by rabid dogs. Maybe the police will accidentally shoot the fucker as he reaches for his cell phone.


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