Word of the day: flattery

If a person says to you, “You look great today” there is always some sort of pressure to return the compliment immediately; to say something like, “You look great too”. For me, giving and receiving compliments has always felt awkward. Personally, I wish that people would not compliment me at all. I always feel like I have to return the compliment whether I want to or not. Generally, there is always so sort of delay before I manage to think of something to say.

I never really thought about the meaning of flattery. I thought it meant something like compliments between the lovers. You know, flattering a potential lover who you find attractive. I thought that flattery meant: light and playful compliments. I never really thought of flattery to mean, “false and insincere praise”. Maybe that is why I have always suspicious of compliments. Is this a legitimate compliment or is this insincere flattery? Does this person mean what they are saying or are they trying to get something from me?

It is interesting that we have words to describe people’s suspicious behavior. Obviously I’m not the only one who distrusts compliments. If I were, words like flattery would not even exist. Somebody a long time ago must have recognized that some sneaky bastard was trying to fool them with compliments and decided to coin a word for it. Blabbery, Slimeary, Conflabulary, oh yeah, flattery, that’s perfect. It sounds nice and yet it means “motherfucking, sneaky liar with a snake tongue trying to fool everyone”.

I suppose the same feelings I have about false praise and flattery are the same feelings I have for Hillary Clinton. You know that when she says that she wants to stop fracking, raise the minimum wage to $15, to fight for gay rights, you know that you doesn’t mean any of it. All she wants to do is get elected. Hillary will say anything to get elected, just like her husband will say anything to get into your pants.

I never felt as I do now. I want all the candidates to lose. There are no good choices. Everyone is fake. Everyone is a liar.

And you look really good. You look ten years younger. What’s your secret?


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I thoroughly enjoy reading books. I am also listening to audio books regularly. I really like to listen to audiobooks in German. Since German is not my native language, audiobooks help me improve my German while doing other tasks (washing the dishes, walking the dog, vacuuming). Audiobooks save time and are fun too.

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